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on-demand executives to growth-oriented businesses.

With today’s gig economy, you can hire a graphic designer, weekly grocery shopper, and personal chef at the drop of a hat – why not the talent you need to run your business? We bring historically out-of-reach senior-level talent to the small to mid-size businesses that can benefit from it the most. With The Gig Exec, you can easily enlist top-tier senior-level talent committed to propelling your company forward. Each of our fractional, coaching, response team, and consulting engagements is completely customized, collaborative, and executed with your long-term (and grandest) business goals in mind.

Are you ready to partner with us for growth and expansion?

“I quit.”
“You can’t, you own the business.”

We’ve all been there.

Are You . . .

Drowning in the day-to-day management of your business?

Overwhelmed by the financial challenges of running a small business or startup?

Unsure about whether to invest in SaaS apps, AI, or other emerging tech?

Wanting to focus on big-picture company growth but remaining stuck in operations?

Facing a time-sensitive challenge in your business and aren’t sure how to solve it?

Dreaming of ventures outside of your business but know that it can’t operate without you?

Answered yes to any of the above?

You’re on the entrepreneurial roller coaster, but you’re so close to the tracks that you can’t see the upcoming twists and turns. What if you had someone who could point them out before they occur?

Sure, it’s hard handing over a portion of your responsibilities to someone else, but not as hard as doing it alone. You deserve an objective, outside opinion on your business so that you can outperform the competition.

Innovating Startups and Small & Medium Businesses for Two Decades

Whether you want to seamlessly implement new tech or make your company culture more modern & cohesive, we’ll help you succeed in ways you didn’t even know you could. Unlike those you hire for permanent positions, we have no incentive to tell you what you want to hear - we’ll tell you what you need to hear. Our seasoned executives have encountered every entrepreneurial problem under the sun, and we have a wide range of tools & techniques to solve each one. Most importantly, we value your values, and we’ll never force any change on you that you don’t welcome with open arms.

How We Help Business Owners Outperform Competition

Fractional Executive – Senior-Level Leadership On-Demand

Say hello to the gig economy executive – we’ll bring in the best-fit seasoned executive to become a dedicated, hands-on member of your team. They’ll meet you exactly where you are and work from the inside out to define where you want to take your business. Once that goal is made a reality, they’ll identify and train your next full-time leader to ensure that they can run and sustain the company’s growth in line with your vision.

LONGEVITY: 6-24 + Months

Are you ready to chart the course for your business success?

Rapid Response Team – Crisis-Ready Problem Solvers On-Demand

Our custom coaching plans support you so that you can support your business. We don’t need a coaching system that stands out from the crowd – our clients’ success does that for us. With flexible, on-demand assistance and unwavering support, your enhanced leadership capabilities will produce a positive ripple effect on the performance of your entire organization for years to come.

LONGEVITY: 2 Weeks - As Needed

How to stay ahead? Solve potential setbacks before they turn into problems.

Executive Leadership Coaching - 1-on-1 Guidance for Long-Term Impact

Our custom coaching plans support you so that you can support your business. With strategic planning and actionable goal-setting, your enhanced leadership capabilities will produce a positive ripple effect on the performance of your entire organization for years to come.

LONGEVITY: Several Hours Per Month on a Mid-Long Term Basis

Are you ready to become the leader that your business needs to thrive?

Business Consulting – Your Vision, Our Project-Based Expertise

Consulting is hyper-focused on solving a specific challenge or teaching a new idea to your company. This may include KPI setting, sales process improvements, tech implementation, change management – you name it, we’ve done it. Whether you need a 2-day whiteboarding session or a 4-month software implementation, we’ll completely customize our consulting with your end goals in mind.


Let’s surpass your next business milestone with unprecedented success.

Hi, I’m Josh,
a business executive. I’ve been shaping resilient businesses like yours for 20 years.

Over the years, I’ve held a diverse range of full-time roles, including CEO, COO, President, and Senior Vice President, and executive positions in Operations, Sales, and Product Development Management. These roles allowed me to interact with small businesses and startups that often struggled to get the talent they needed to grow. My goal was to bridge the gap – opening up skilled talent to smaller companies is what inspired me to start The Gig Exec.

Working in those full-time roles for over two decades, I was exposed to the harsh reality: access to executive experience is often far too inaccessible to those who need it most. Time and time again, I’d ask myself: Why should smaller businesses get stuck with less-skilled executives? They deserve the best help out there!

Our mission is to bring direct access of senior-level executives to small, innovative companies and family businesses – not just tech startups and large corporations.

Are you ready to excel with the executive management your business deserves?

We’ll Thrive Together If…

You dream of having a network of on-hand experts to solve any problem in your business.

You seek a fresh perspective & objective point of view in the far-too-lonely journey of being an entrepreneur.

You want to optimize financial outcomes and experience sustainable growth for years to come.

You strive to turn time-consuming, non-profitable processes into streamlined systems.

You value team building for stronger bonds, peak performance, and alignment all around.

It’s time to outperform the competition and experience easier growth.