Fractional COOs for Small Businesses & Startups Looking to Grow

We help small business and startup owners fix, optimize, and grow.

Get the leadership you need without breaking the bank. We’ll bring in a fractional COO who will immerse themselves into your business and see your success the whole way through. Once your business is operating smoothly and ready for a full-time COO, we’ll identify, groom, and transition them into the role seamlessly.

LONGEVITY: 6-24+ Months

Are you ready to accelerate your business trajectory?

“Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.”

The right leadership could be the difference between mediocrity and a memorable legacy.

As a small business or startup owner, we bet you’ve found yourself in one of these situations…

Looking for a new leader without the costly commitment?

Envisioning exactly how you want your company to look but still aren’t able to execute?

Wishing someone could take over for you so that you could focus on more than day-to-day operations?

Dealing with a sudden key personnel departure and urgently need a new COO?

Wish you could profitably scale your team but are too focused on your individual work?

Seeing progress toward your vision, but wishing someone could get you there faster?

Now, there’s a game-changing solution.

Introducing GELS

Gig Exec Leadership System.

The Gig Exec Leadership System is a set of dynamic methodologies and efficient tools that help small business and startup leaders take their companies from where they are to where they want to be.

Our Failproof Process


Creating Plan of Attack


Setting Strategic Goals


Putting Strategies in Action


Making Continuous Optimizations


Safeguarding Your Success

Our Fractional COO Services


A fractional COO immerses themselves into your business to ensure that you reach your goals and maintain smooth day-to-day operations. Driven by results, they operate with objectivity to facilitate your scaling efforts and boost net profitability. Once your goals are achieved, typically 6 months to 2 years later, your fractional COO will identify, groom, and train your next full-time leader.

Hiring a Fractional COO allows you to secure senior-level expertise without the commitment or cost of a full-time hire. Unlike full-time COOs, fractional COOs impartially prioritize your best interests and remain unburdened by the worry of keeping a job or corporate politics.

If your small business or startup needs new leadership, is ready to scale, or needs a business vision executed, a fractional COO is right for you.

We conduct an in-depth Assessment Phase, conducting either a Standard or Advanced Assessment where we immerse ourselves in discussions with you and your team, delving into the intricacies of your company and where you want to take it. From there, we pinpoint growth opportunities and define a project plan. This includes an expertly matched fractional COO who not only matches you personality and culture-wise, but can solve your problems.

In the Standard Assessment, we conduct a high-level review of your entire company to evaluate your unique business needs. In the Advanced Assessment, we bring in SMEs to do a deep dive into your company and evaluate your unique business needs. No matter which Assessment you choose, we will create a completely customized, well-defined plan of attack to ensure that your time and money are saved by planning out our engagement with your end goals in mind from the start.

By planning out our entire engagement from the get-go, we establish a plan to reach your goals. We can only plan out this engagement by diving deep into your individual business needs and developing an SOW directly for you. With clear communication and expectations from the start, your time and money will be saved in the long run and you’ll get the most out of your fractional COO.

Our fractional COO services are custom-crafted to be accessible and easily implemented into your business. We’ll meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. Engagements start at $2,000 per month but are always tailored to your current resources and long-term goals.

Let us clarify the future of your business & implement proven strategies to take you there.